Why are we organized as a Cooperative?

We are a workers cooperative out of Fort Collins, CO who has produced all our product with volunteers who received CBD for their efforts. It is truly a labor of love and the coming together of community in order to bring this ancient medicine to you. We grow our organic crop outdoors in the Colorado sunshine, process and package all on site, and offer a line of clean, pure, powerful organic CBD products. We are committed to the seven principles of cooperatives which are: Voluntary, Open Ownership, Autonomy And Independence, Education, Training And Information, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, and Concern For The Community, Our model of distribution from us to you, farm to table, allows us to offer our CBD for the cheapest price in town and rewards the farmer with 80 cents of every dollar instead of only 5 cents for every dollar. This model eliminates the broker, the middle man, stockholders, middle and upper management. Our mission is to find crops that organic farmers can make more revenue with and lower the price of CBD so that more people can use it. We want to mentor a new generation of organic farmers who wants to take over, the average farmer is 62 years old. This would enable small organic farms to survive and adopt ways that will regenerate soil, restore habitat, save water, produce food and medicine and sequester carbon.