WILL, VIRGINIA. INTERN/organic farmer.

As an intern of Fat Pig Society for a whole growing season, I got to experienve each step of their plant production first hand. From cloning and transplanting to harvesting and processing, each stage of production is accomplished using the utmost respect towards the plant. All of the inputs they use are high quality and certified organic, and as any farmer will say, the price paid for “organic” is exceeding high. Growing top quality organic hemp plants is neither easy nor cheap. The manual labor and attention to detail necessary to have a successful harvest is a hard won victory. With legislation finally loosening up around cannabis, there are plenty of people looking to get rich quick by cutting corners and throwing their final product out on the market, regardless of quality. Currently there is very little government oversight on purity of cannabis oils, meaning you pretty much get what you pay for. I am confident in telling friends and family that Fat Pig Society has the highest quality CBD oil available. I am lucky enough to have worked side by side with their endlessly knowledgeable and passionate members, and the amount of knowledge the I sequestered during my time with them is priceless. If you are looking for a CBD product you can trust, look no further.