Vivian, Colorado – Volunteer

I’ve been volunteering with FPS for a little over a year and a half and it’s been incredible! Not only are the people who manage FPS kind, giving, and fun to be around, but they truly love and care about their medicine and their volunteers!
As a volunteer you gain knowledge and hands on experience working with hemp. Being able to work with the medicine from seedling to trimming is so fun too, and definitely something worth experiencing. The products they have not only have helped me with menstrual cramps, headaches but with body aches  and sore throats too. By the end of a volunteer day at FPS you gain a full belly from the delicious food they provide, experience, community and medicine! What’s better than that?
 FPS is part of my community and has treated me like family. I will always be so appreciative and grateful of the connections I’ve made there and all that FPS has done for me! Love y’all!