TARRYNE, COLORADO. volunteer/happy customer

I wanna give a HUGE shout out to our homegrown Fat Pig Society CBD hemp farm. Located at the foot hills of the Colorado Rocky mountains. Absolutely beautiful seeing rows of hemp (medicine) and knowing it all happens here. Iginia , Bill and Yamie along with volunteers that come from far and wide are what makes it all happen. I love supporting these peoples dreams. Fat Pig Society is a group of close friends who are truly CBD Meisters dedicated to the cause of alternative and holistic health and healing. They care and you feel it. Volunteers are always welcome when needed in exchange for free CBD oil. A home grown lunch. Free hugs and positive energy. Therapy all in its self. Thanks to my BFF MaryBeth for turning me on to this great cause and thanks to Fat Pig Society for your open arms and humanity. Best to your CBD journey !!