PATRICIA, south dakota. happy customer/agent of change

For the past 2 years Fat Pig Society has donated several cases of hemp oil and body cream for me to share and personally use. It’s hard for me to express how much this has meant to me. See, I deal with bipolar 1, severe back pain, panic and anxiety. I’ve tried everything to help myself, pills upon pills, pills for the bipolar and pills for the back pain, pills to counter the side effects of the first pills. I began to feel like I had lost myself, I didn’t feel any emotions, I didn’t feel anything, I just existed. I quit all the bipolar meds and anxiety meds about 5 yrs ago and I lost my shit. I left my family and returned to Martin. Yet that was even too much for me, so I moved home in 2017 and started from scratch.

Every day I struggled to manage. There were days I succeeded and days I miserably failed. When I met Iginia, I noticed how she quietly watched me, and decided to give me the hemp oil. Unsure of the effects, I tried it myself to understand how it worked so I could inform others. I keep a few jars for myself for emergency use and the rest I’ve given to the people I work for. There are so many problems on the reservation, illness infects us all from mental, emotional to physical and spiritual. I’ve given the Free Hemp oil and body cream to people with amputations and phantom pain, people with depression and anxiety, drug addiction, schizophrenia, bipolar, back pain, arthritis, hoarders, PTSD…you name it. Fat Pig has, in the past 2 years, donated around $1,500.00 worth of product to help the people within my reach on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Writing this has brings my history back, I can feel my throat tightening, I dip my spoon into the free hemp and breath. I think about the crap, the trauma, the abuse, all the struggles then I think about how far I’ve made it and how far I have to go and how Free Hemp has helped me overcome the illness I have inside. I’m off of all but one of the drugs now.
We’re currently building Rebel Earth Farms. Rebel Earth Farms is helping people recover by building equity, knowledge, grit, whatever it takes for people to heal. As we heal ourselves, we heal others, with Free Hemp to help us along the way.

P. Hammond