MOLLY, MINNESOTA. intern/hemp farmer

I found fat pig society in 2017 when I was looking to learn more about the cannabis plant. I had been searching for someone…anyone that was about the healing qualities rather than making a quick profit.
I lived with them for a year as an intern and boy did I hit the jackpot in a higher education. Iginia Boccalandro is a force of nature she is Mother Earth with a passion to save the earth and an educated mind like a buddist monk. When she speaks, her eyes light up like the stars and people gather around her like moths to a light. Her counterpart Bill Althouse is Father Science and knows all things about Hemp. Not just how to grow it, but the legislation, the politics and the science behind it all. To have both of these people under one roof was an opportunity I wasn’t going to let let pass me by. The love and care that goes into every plant on that farm is outstanding. It was the best education I could have gotten. Not only did I meet hundreds of other volunteers, witness many medical miracles, learn how to grow hemp, but I took back with me the knowledge to my family farm in MN and started my own sustainable, biodynamic hemp farm. I am forever grateful for that year and to have made lifetime friends with Bill Iginia Yamie Kathy and Valerie Moore. I cant recommend them enough. They are the real deal. 100 %.