In memoriam: Michael

My love Michael and I took our very first post retirement trip, after 42 years of marriage.  We planned to live in our RV and on our tandem bike.  Life pulled a punch and he was diagnosed with a beast of a cancer, GLIOBLASTOMA.

After his first of four surgeries, we went to the HEMP EXPO at their Ranch.  We were still dazed and confused, but determined to fight this beast.  We hit the front door, hesitating in our confusion.  A kind person noticed and, upon hearing our mission, immediately said,  “You need to meet Igenia with the Fat Pig Society”.  We saw so many people crowded around her booth, but she saw us.  She grabbed us up in her huge Igenia hug, and we knew we found an angel.  We stepped into the Fat Pig Society!

It was such a collection of genius, good science, heart and a commitment to get organic CBD into the hands of everyone who needed it.  Through Igenia we met John Long, who made CBD capsules for Michael.  Michael was a soil scientist and he was put to work as a volunteer in accordance with his capability and limitations. We volunteered as we could, and met Bob and the many other WISE ONES at the farm.

What I can tell you is that we felt loved, cared for and guided.  The average survival rate for GLIOBLASTOMA is 6-18 months.  I believe in my heart and soul that he lived 3 years and 3 months in part because of the Fat Pig Society.  His quality of life was beautiful.  He had zero pain, had no problem eating and slept so well.  He rode his bike (on a trainer in our home at this point) literally the day before he died.

Our family’s gratitude cannot be adequately expressed!