CALEB, COLORADO. Happy Customer, CEO of Suzie’s Pet Treats

I was first introduced to Fat Pig Society in early 2017 as a volunteer on the farm and without a lot of knowledge on the hemp/CBD industry in general. I was immediately impressed with their passion for not only the plant, but community, education, and the health of our planet.

Since then I have learned much more about hemp and it’s industry and the more I learn the more Fat Pig Society sticks out as an organization that is here to disrupt the norm and forge their own path. Both the use of a co-operative model and the dedication to quality by using organic practices in not only growing but extraction are key attributes that most companies cannot employ because they don’t help the bottom line. This also leads to the highest quality CBD around with unmatched efficacy and taste that can’t be beat.
I would urge anyone with a curiosity about CBD to volunteer their time at FPS. Being put to work in the fields gives one an appreciation for not just how much work goes into farming hemp but agriculture in general. Educating people on farming, organic practices, C02 sequestration, and much more is all part of Fat Pig Society’s mission to make the world a healthier place for all the inhabitants and the planet we call home!