Fat Pig Society Co-Op

Iginia Boccalandro

Founding Member

Iginia Boccalandro is the beloved den mother of the Fat Pig Society operation, both activist and extrovert, tending all her relationships with warmth and care. Her colorful life includes having been a two-time Olympian, representing Venezuela in the luge. She is the founder of our fiscal sponsor, the nonprofit Carbon Economy Series, representing them at conferences and symposiums worldwide. Iginia is also an avid surfer and family woman. Her favorite activity, however, is talking about the benefits of our organic, whole-plant CBD product. Her conviction makes her the ideal saleswoman, keeping demand flowing in from all over the globe. She strives to make sure that every visitor to the farm leaves happier and more empowered to take charge of their health than when they arrived.

Iginia holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of New York (SUNY), and has had a private Rolfing practice in Structural Integration since 1988. As a former Olympian, Iginia has served as mentor, coach, and alternative health provider for countless clients, including professional athletes. She has worked in Vermont, Utah, California, Texas, Venezuela, New Mexico, and now, Colorado. 

In 2011, Iginia created the Carbon Economy Series (CES), an educational 501 (C) 3. CES teaches sustainable principles and practices at colleges across the U.S. As a Certified Permaculture Designer, she has spearheaded many sustainable projects and initiatives throughout the Americas. She has studied with Dr. Paulo Lugari, Toby Hemenway and Dr, Elaine Ingham.

Iginia comes from a ranching family in Venezuela. Her path intersected with Bill years ago, when she helped Althouse Farm produce two specialized crops for the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market: Mara de Bois French strawberries, and giant dahlias. 

Iginia relocated to Colorado in 2015, at the same time as Bill, to become a hemp farmer and to help establish the Fat Pig Society. Given her commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and alternative medicine, Iginia was a natural and essential founding member. She has helped innovate many of our CBD infused products, working alongside other co-op members to make our products available to as many people as possible. 

Iginia is bilingual and likes to teach all around the world. She was invited to the Canna Expo in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2019 where she spoke about the lessons learned in an organic, workers cooperative growing hemp. She also taught in Paraguay via skype last year in a conference set up by the Universidad Nacional de Asunción in order to implement a National hemp growing initiative that would give campesinos another option other than growing drugs for cartels.

Bill Althouse

Founding Member

Bill Althouse is one of the nation’s most highly experienced hemp farmers. As one of the very first CBD producers in the world, he has developed new high-CBD varieties, and pioneered some of the first USDA organic certifications for hemp propagation, cultivation, extraction, and handling. Bill is an innovator with an energy engineering background who loves to tackle technical challenges on the Fat Pig farm.  He has developed leading-edge organic hemp farming methods, and original, proprietary, and clean CBD extraction methods. 

As a matter of principle, however, Bill only makes his intellectual property available to small organic farmers and to cooperatives. While he could have cashed in on his technical acumen through traditional means long ago, making money and getting rich never interested him. Lore has it that he has chased more than a few venture capitalists with “suitcases of money” off of his farm, loudly proclaiming that they would only lose their investment, as soon as farmers came together in a vertically-integrated cooperative to crash the price of CBD. His core principles continue to drive him to make CBD affordable for everyone.

Bill carries strong values in his bones. He lived among the matriarchal cultures of Micronesia, wielding a spear gun and a machete as part of a small crew working to feed 100 people per day. For 15 years, he sold flowers and strawberries at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, alongside some of the most sustainable local farmers in the USA. He learned from those Hispanic farmers, some of whom had been farming the same family lands for over 400 years. (Think ditches dug before the arrival of the Pilgrims…) Those families in turn had learned from Native American farmers with thousands of years of farming heritage.

Bill is committed to bringing economic value to the people and lifestyles he values most: organic farmers. Bill’s calling card question is, “How does this serve the farmer?” He is a proud member of the R&D committee of the Governor’s CHAMP (Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Program) initiative, working closely with CSU, CDA and other stakeholders to develop a process that would protect farmers through the certification of hemp varieties that would produce well and not go “hot.” Bill is forever “knocking on doors” on behalf of organic hemp farmers, keeping his finger on the pulse of market conditions by making contacts and conducting research daily. 

Yamie LUCERo


Yamie came to work on our farm in 2016 on a mission of love and life: to learn about CBD oil for his mother, who had cancer.

He is a loving Pueblo Indian from Katishtya (San Felipe Pueblo), New Mexico. His first language is Eastern Kerese, a unique/isolate language spoken by fewer than 5000 people. While in New Mexico, Yamie worked as a farmer of chile, corn, squash, and hemp, learning traditional and sustainable cultivation methods. 

Since his very arrival he has proved to be a pivotal and indispensable force in our cooperative. He has learned the entire operation, innovating and optimizing all aspects of our business: the cloning of hemp, growing, harvesting, storing, extracting, jarring and marketing our CBD oil. His hard work, intelligence, and dedicated care for the plants has earned him respect in his new community. Yamie is a family man, father of a son and daughter, with another child on the way. He lives with the mother of his daughter, his daughter, her son and their future child on the farm in Fort Collins. He has been studying Biodynamic growing principles and has been the farm foreman since 2016. He plays a key role in CBD extraction for our own products, in bulk sales, and in establishing private label customers.

Gavin Lim

Former member, current staff

Gavin Lim showed up in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2014 to join a Carbon Economy Series work program designed to help farmers in New Mexico. He said on his first day: “I want to do all the heavy lifting,” and he did so tirelessly for three and a half years. At first he helped Bill Althouse, who was growing and selling giant Dahlias and French Mara de Bois strawberries at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. That first summer, Gavin was there to witness the destruction of 10,000 strawberry plants and 10,000 Dahlia plants when a 30-minute hailstorm with 50mph winds hit the farm.

That catastrophic event made Bill, Iginia, and Gavin rethink farming, and motivated the three to create the Fat Pig Society worker co-op, to grow hemp and move to Colorado. Gavin, and many other members of the New Mexico community, had been working for years with the legislature towards the legalization of hemp; although that initiative was passed by the majority of the NM house and senate, the Governor refused to sign it into law for three years. This made moving to Colorado the only option.

Gavin is a solitary and deep thinker who is constantly sharpening the saw for his own skill set and personal growth. He has lived at the farm periodically and seasonally, and often does his daily chores wearing headphones … During his first season with us, he studied the classics: Plato, Aristotle, the Iliad, the Odyssey and so on. He is a spiritual coach and a social activist, working towards shifting the current paradigm to one which is healthier, more equitable and takes on the betterment of all living things. Gavin loves hard work, travel, and the outdoors. He is a natural horticulturist and hemp whisperer, whose deep affection for plants, insects, and all creatures becomes apparent in his work. Gavin has been a foreman on the farm and has helped us train and develop our community.

John Long: In Memorium

Posthumous member

John was loved by many and inspired all who knew him. He dedicated his life to creating a more just and sustainable world. He gave boundless energy to building community, supporting the Northern Colorado environmental movement, and encouraging a world filled with music, laughter and love. 

John leaves a long legacy of endeavors that he helped to create including, but not limited to, Blue Sun Biodiesel, Zero Hero, the Sustainable Living Fair, Fat Pig Society/Colorado Hemp Farmers Cooperative, Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Positive Legacy, the Atmosphere Conservancy, and Biodiesel for Bands. John was also an avid golfer (with his lowest handicap of 2!), team bowler (3 Hole Enthusiasts!), snowboarder (the higher the mountain the better!), and overall adventurer. He loved to travel, hike, river run, see live music, and instigate a good time. 

He was an adoring husband, brother, son, and friend, and even through his battle with a cancer discovered far too late, made Fat Pig Society and his other nonprofits a part of his daily good works until the very end. His spirit of goodwill and brotherhood is present in every farm potluck and felt every time a red tailed hawk circles the fields.