We are a worker cooperative, hemp farm, and research group in Colorado, and our hemp-infused coconut oil is USDA Certified organic. We have no investors, no middleman and no brokers.

Our product is farm to table, costs about a third of the price that major companies are charging, and comes directly from the farm to you. Our oil is pure, powerful, and very clean. We provide our oil in 4 oz. jars, pints, quarts and half gallons. Each batch is tested and the THC is less than 0.07%. We only charge for the CBD that has been decarboxylated (that is bio available), not the total CBD. (See our Product page.)

Making a contribution to our community is key, thus, we give away as much free oil as we can and keep the price of the oil low. We give free oil to people who volunteer at the farm, who help with distribution, and to those who cannot afford it.

Distributors are called Agents of Change. If you become an Agent of Change, you can get free oil by helping us sell CBD. (See our Save a Farm page.)


We are an all-volunteer organization devoted to saving small organic farm businesses through economic innovation and cooperation. We wish to tie the economic health and longevity of farms and farmers to the health and wellness of people everywhere.


Get an additional $100,00 per year income for as many small organic farmers as we can. Why $100K? That is “the magic number” that an agricultural economist at CSU believes has the power to save family farms. It is the kind of money that can attract young people to stay in farming, holding on to organic agricultural land for future generations that would otherwise be lost to non-farmers in the next five to ten years.


Only a farmer can protect a farmer from getting exploited. Through the cooperative model, farmers can secure this level of income and benefit for themselves. We are kickstarting this project by allowing up to 20 farmers to get started growing with Fat Pig Society in 2020. The revenues from 2020’s harvest (goal of $100K per farmer, $2Million in retail sales) would allow for the seed capital to create their own independent cooperative in 2021.



The Founders Bill Althouse and Iginia Boccalandro, members John Long and Yamie Lucero and 100s of volunteer community members, through Fat Pig Society, have helped create a two-acre, $1 Million revenue micro “demonstration” operation of the proposed coop model in Fort Collins, established in 2015.

Why fat pig? Because when our founders reached out to small organic farmers offering the same opportunity six years ago, nobody was willing to come to the table, out of fear over hemp’s regulation. Bill then told a story to our founders about trying to help a pig farmer in Micronesia who also did not want help. After a 6 month long process of doing all the pig farmer’s work, which was hunting and gathering pig food from the jungle by hand, he finally got the farmers’ trust and permission to change the feed for just one pig. Six months later the pig under the farmer’s original diet was still under 75 pounds, but Bill’s was over 250 pounds. The farmer’s reaction: “Wow, that’s a fat pig”. Finally, he was excited to have help. Our founders decided we also needed our own Fat Pig to prove to farmers the potential of CBD hemp. The Fat Pig Society was born.

Our founders are most proud that the development of our model was done without capital and was focused on giving away free CBD to everyone who helped us. All labor, including that of our founders, was volunteer, making human capital the major source of financing. Everyone who helped us got all their CBD for free and the high prices of CBD from other sources brought hundreds of volunteers to our mission. The Free Hemp program brought us other supporters like our bookkeeper, and mechanics to keep us moving. We then developed our Agents of Change network that gave free CBD to those who helped us distribute around the country. Now those people who sell our CBD to get theirs free are sending us close to $1million per year. As unbelievable as it sounds, we created a very Fat Pig in a matriarchal approach that says, “whomever gives away more wins”, instead of the patriarchal “he who gets more wins.” We proved that basing an enterprise on a gifting model is actually possible. We also give away CBD to those who are unable to help and cannot otherwise afford it.



“How does this serve small organic farmers?”



  • Holistic health, prosperity & wellness
  • Regenerative soil practices
  • Organic, whole plant, clean product
  • Mutual care and concern
  • Valuing and empowering farmers
  • Cooperation