CBD & “holistic health and wellness” March 2, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Bill and Iginia have each been using CBD for a decade to treat chronic pain problems. Our co-founding member John Long, who passed away from cancer in 2017, used high doses of CBD to treat his pain and related conditions.

FPS is proud to report we have given away thousands of jars of CBD–about 30% of our total production, as a norm. We know countless individuals have benefitted and have become loyal customers through this method.

We believe CBD is an important medicine, capable of treating numerous conditions and dramatically improving people’s qualities of life. We believe this medicine should be accessible to people, which is why we oppose extractive, exploitative profit-driven models that “sell out” farmers and consumers. We want to see farmers and consumers collaborating for the benefit of all. Through a cooperatively owned “farm to table” model, we can deliver the best quality CBD to market at the best price to customers, all while investing in our small organic farms for many generations to come.